About Align by Balmour

Align” by Balmour, featured on CMNWLTH/Soulidified, tells the story of a conflicted individual caught between his current relationship and his lingering feelings for another woman. The protagonist finds himself constantly comparing his current partner unfavorably with the other woman, whom he deeply misses and longs for.

Throughout the song, he expresses dissatisfaction with his current partner’s personality and habits, feeling that she doesn’t match up to the other woman in terms of compatibility and understanding. He mentions how his current partner’s conversations and behavior don’t resonate with him, while nostalgically recalling how the other woman used to.

The song’s chorus highlights his frustration and the hope that somehow the stars will align, allowing him to be with the one he truly loves. He acknowledges that he’s in a relationship, but he can’t shake off his feelings for the other woman, whom he sees as his ideal match.

In a twist, the protagonist also acknowledges that the other woman is facing her own struggles with choosing the wrong partners. He offers himself as a better alternative, promising to try his best to be the right one for her, despite already being in a relationship. This offer is coupled with an adventurous and somewhat risky allure, as he tempts her with exciting and clandestine encounters.

Overall, “Align” is a tale of longing, dissatisfaction, and the complex emotions involved in wanting someone you can’t have while being with someone else. It captures the inner turmoil of being torn between a safe but unfulfilling relationship and the dangerous allure of a passionate connection with someone else.