About Baggage by Balmour

“Baggage” by Balmour is a soulful and emotionally resonant song that delves into the complexities of a strained relationship burdened by emotional baggage. The lyrics poignantly express the narrator’s struggle in coping with his partner’s past traumas and the resulting challenges in their relationship. The song begins with a reflection on the partner’s difficulties (“Baby you got a lot of baggage”), highlighting how these unresolved issues are affecting their interactions (“Girl you treat me like a savage”). As the narrative progresses, the singer acknowledges the depth of the partner’s emotional scars (“Knew that you told the truth when you said your heart was damaged”) and expresses regret for not fully comprehending the impact of these issues earlier.

Throughout the song, there’s a sense of longing for the connection they once shared, evident in lines like “Remember when we were friend talking til 3 am.” The chorus emphasizes the theme of emotional baggage, with the singer lamenting how his partner’s past experiences are causing strain in their present relationship. The song captures the narrator’s mixed feelings of love, frustration, and a desire to understand and support his partner, despite the challenges posed by her emotional baggage.

The emotive delivery and soulful melody of “Baggage” encapsulate the heartache and complexity of loving someone who carries the weight of their past. Balmour’s lyrical prowess shines through, offering listeners a deeply relatable and moving exploration of love, trauma, and the struggle to find balance within a relationship impacted by past hurts.