About Tango Sessions by Los Chicos Criollos

Introducing “Tango Sessions” by Los Chicos Criollos, a mesmerizing fusion of rap and tango that pays homage to their Argentine roots while pushing the boundaries of musical innovation. This album, released under the esteemed label CMNWLTH, remixes their debut tracks with the masterful touch of Vago, infusing them with the soulful rhythms and haunting melodies of tango music.

From the haunting “Lamento Argentino (Intro)” to the infectious energy of “Golazo ft. Cousin Feo,” each track on “Tango Sessions” resonates with a vibrant authenticity. Vago’s remixes breathe new life into Los Chicos Criollos’ original works, weaving together traditional tango instruments with contemporary beats in a seamless blend of past and present.

One standout aspect of Los Chicos Criollos’ artistry is their effortless mastery of language. Seamlessly transitioning between Spanish, English, and Spanglish, they craft lyrics that are as poetic as they are powerful. This linguistic versatility adds another layer of depth to their music, inviting listeners into a world where borders blur and cultures collide.

Moreover, Los Chicos Criollos aren’t just musicians—they’re torchbearers for hip-hop culture. With “Tango Sessions,” they showcase their deep reverence for the genre, infusing every track with the essence of hip-hop’s rich history and vibrant spirit. As students and fans of the culture, they embody its core values of authenticity, innovation, and resilience.

In “Tango Sessions,” Los Chicos Criollos invite listeners on a journey that transcends genres and borders. It’s more than just an album—it’s a celebration of identity, culture, and the timeless power of music to unite us all. So, let the rhythms of tango and the poetry of rap guide you through this unforgettable musical experience.



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